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The Jacobs chuck grips cable to prevent cable tangling. I'm no handyman (and I certainly have no plumbing skills) but I attached the Water Rooter to our garden hose, turned on the faucet and started feeding hose up the exit end of the drainage pipe. Snake Oil Classic also includes a deodorizer to give equipment a fresh, clean smell. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, chances are you’re bound to face a clogged drain eventually. We Pride ourselves in exceeding your exceptions. Then a neighbor mentioned his "Water Rooter" -- a device he created for tackling the most difficult underground drainage problems. And that I did!! Here at Doctor Drain Plumbing and Rooter, we use top tier water softeners that are built specifically for your home wants and needs and. Pneumatic foot pedal controls motor speed. If you’re experiencing any of these common plumbing issues give us a call: Water backing up in tubs, toilets, showers, washers or sinks Toilets making bubbling sounds and overflowing We've had plenty of rains since and there's been no more flooding! A+ Rooter Inc. will quickly diagnose your problem and have you on your way. Clogged Drain and Rooter Sewer line clearing. Anywhere Rooter is regarded as being premier as well as one of the most reliable Denver plumbing companies. We most commonly use the Water Rooter to flush out 3" and 4" underground pipe. Empty the bucket periodically if you’re not using a floor drain. Call 623-696-3434 See our COVID-19 safety guidelines HERE! DRAIN CLEANING Drain Cleaning Bulldog Rooter has been cleaning drains in Spokane for over twelve years and has become a trusted and recommended brand in the community. And, just a reminder -- if possible, you'll want to feed your hose from the street (exit end of the underground drain pipe) rather than from the gutter end. Within half an hour, our 80-foot underground gutter drain was flowing clean as new. The Rooter Works Plumbing and Drains specializes in most drain and sewer line issues, including cleaning, inspection, sewer line installation, and repair. From the smallest drip to a huge backup, Anywhere Rooter offers the finest Plumbing and Drain Cleaning services available. Insta Rooter is a Toronto based drain services company. So the Water Rooter will attach just fine to either size of hose. Satisfaction Guaranteed! What about when your sinks and tubs pooling with brown, bacteria-infested water? (We mail to USA addresses only.). If there’s water backing up in your bathroom sink and you’ve had enough, call us now. Email me at John@WaterRooter.com. DRAIN CLEANING: ELECTRO-MECHANICAL Roto Rooter ® provides an innovative electro-mechanical solution to blocked drains with trusted machinery that is still the benchmark for solving drain problems. full refund! It will make your local plumbers and drain cleaners sad, so buy a gutter drain cleaning Water Rooter today! Drain-Rooter Parts List & Schematic Diagram PDF. A great way to extend the life of drain cleaning tools & equipment. Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup was formerly called Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service Roto-Rooter provides plumbing repair, sewer & drain services, and water damage cleanup services to residential and commercial customers. It is called Water Rooter as our trademark. Google for help and I choose j rooter.was more than satisfied with my experience of the job done. Welcome to Drain-Rite Rooter and Drain Services! After trying many methods, I decided that I needed to come up with an invention that would wash the leaves and debris out of a 3" or 4" line. General Info Welcome to AABCO Plumbing of Northern Virginia. And a year later, he bought a used, 1968-vintage General Sewermatic drain cleaner…, Unlike many items, drain cleaning equipment remains in year-round demand. The open cage lets you see cable condition after each rental. We can help you by answering any questions about our products you may have. This compact floor model drain cleaner has a unique variable speed foot pedal system that lets the operator vary the speed of the cage allowing both hands to be free to control the cable. A message from the inventor of the Water Rooter (As the owner of a pipe/drain clearing service for years, he had plenty of opportunities to fine-tune his invention.). Was right on time as said,work well done and most of all price was well reasonable . Sure enough, leaves and muck would start flushing out. For removing loose objects 50 ft. of 1/4″ or 5/16″ cable; 35 ft. of 3/8″ cable. When a drain pipe becomes clogged because of oils, grease or debris - a hydro jet will clear the foreign objects away and have the drain running smoothly. Capacity: From emergency water removal services to leak repairs and toilet installations, we have you covered. Holds 50 ft. of 1/4″ or 5/16″, or 35 ft. of 3/8″cable. Hybrid Water Heaters: If you have an electric water heater there are great options such as hybrid water heaters. You may have a clogged drain or roots in your side sewer line. Arrives before Christmas. For cutting and scraping, Drain-Rooter, plus 50HE1-AC (50′ x 5/16″) Flexicore Cable, and HECS Cutter Set, Hanylectric Cutter Set (Includes Arrow head, Flexible Arrow Head, 1-1/4″ Side Cutter Blade, Boring Gimlet, & Down Head Boring Gimlet), Flexicore Cable, 1/4″ x 25 ft. with EL Basin Head, Flexicore Cable, 1/4″ x 50 ft. with EL Basin Head, Flexicore Cable, 1/4″ x 25 ft. with Down Head, Flexicore Cable, 1/4″ x 50 ft. with Down Head, Flexicore Cable, 5/16″ x 25 ft. with EL Basin Head, Flexicore Cable, 5/16″ x 50 ft. with EL Basin Head, Flexicore Cable, 5/16″ x 25 ft. with Down Head, Flexicore Cable, 5/16″ x 50 ft. with Down Head, Flexicore Cable, 5/16″ x 25 ft. with Female Connector, Flexicore Cable, 5/16″ x 50 ft. with Female Connector, Flexicore Cable, 3/8″ x 25 ft. with Female Connector, Flexicore Cable, 3/8″ x 35 ft. with Female Connector, Dimensions: Motor: Sincerely, When you have a plumbing problem, you can count on the expertise of our professional plumbers at Power Rooter Plumbing & Drain. We also have systems that remove contaminants out of the water as well such as chlorine! 3.8 out of 5 stars 18. When the tank is empty, turn on the water supply valve. The experts at Mr. Rooter use specialized tools like video cameras , powered drain snakes, and HydroScrub® Jetting to locate and eliminate stubborn sewer clogs. I have 35' of 4" of black pipe running under the sidewalk out to the street. Thank heavens for my friend's Water Rooter. Plus a flat $5.50 for USPS 1st Class shipping. I had to discipline myself to shut the water off before the flow looked as clean as drinking water. DETAILS We Drain Your Pipes, Not Your Wallet! Snake-Oil Classic™ SDS – Material Safety Data Sheet, Arrow Head Starting Drill We are a family owned and operated company and all of our plumbers are fully licensed, insured, and certified. This compact counter top model drain cleaning machine has a unique variable speed pneumatic foot pedal system that lets the operator vary the speed of the cage – allowing both hands to be free to control the drain cable. Toilet will not flush, and water is backing up into your shower? It makes clearing clogged sinks, tubs and laundry drains easier for your rental customers, especially when working in a cramped area where the weight of the machine could get burdensome. The Drain-Rooter drain cleaning machine is a real labor-saver on long jobs or working in a cramped area where the weight of the machine could get burdensome. Drain Now Rooter Service is a full-service plumbing company that is equipped to perform timely, high-quality services for your residential and commercial general repair needs. Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain employs the top plumbers & technicians for plumbing, drain & water cleanup, to best serve you. Not ideal. I wanted to let you know about how thrilled I am with your device. Click to request an estimate or … No. The Water Rooter is designed for use under standard city water pressure (45-80 psi) only. Western Rooter can unclog bathroom sink drains due to buildup of hair, toothpaste, soap and grime. BobIt worked!! We are your number one plumber for Northern Virginia specializing in clogged drains, clogged toilets, clogged pipes, and water heaters. Thank you! If the Water Rooter doesn't open Your local Mr. Rooter will resolve your sewer drain clog quickly and effectively. Order the Water Rooter and enjoy clog-free gutter drains! That way, you're continually flushing out the debris as the Water Rooter eats away at the clog. It was getting close, but I was concerned about flooding the yard. From common problems like leaky faucets and toilets to sewer repair and installation or maybe you have a clogged drain? Allow the water to flow through the tank and out the drain valve until it runs clear. clean underground gutter drain pipes. I wish I had taken my phone outside. It’s better than common lubricants because its special rust inhibitor cuts through moisture and replaces it with a rust-resistant coating. My Water Rooter can save you hundreds of dollars (and prevent your basement walls from cracking). When all the other plumbers and drain cleaners failed and wanted to dig the lines out, I would come to the peoples rescue with my secret invention and put it to work saving them money. The mainline/side sewer is the pipe that all wastewater from your … It's amazing how much junk was clogging them up. After working several years for a local plumber, Schmitz started his company in 1979. All cables are left hand wound and reinforced with a wire rope center. Opens clogged underground gutter drain pipes that are blocked with leaves, twigs, mud and other gutter debris. (Goes down waste, not up stack), Flexible Spring Arrow Head Cutter Starting Drill (For sharp turns and small lines), 1-1/4" Side Cutter Blade (2-piece set) NOTE: Water Rooter shoots powerful jets of water in multiple directions.

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