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Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. It seems like everyone is drinking kale smoothies, eating kale chips and incorporating kale into salads. Fortunately, adding kale to your diet is relatively simple. KEY POINT: Kale contains about as much vitamin C as an orange, which makes it beneficial for preventing some major diseases as well as signs of aging. Not only are omega-3 fatty acids powerful anti-inflammatory compounds, but they also are vital for brain health, improving and protecting memory, function, and performance (77). Most of us are eating too many foods which are rich in omega-6 fatty acids and are not getting enough omega-3 fatty acids in our diets. What do you think, is kale good for you? Perhaps it’s the fact that kale is the healthiest of the already uber-healthy dark leafy greens. While it’s low in calories, it’s not likely to help you feel as satisfied as kale. That means that most Americans are not getting enough potassium to support all these functions at the optimum level. A lot of people also add kale to their smoothies in order to boost the nutritional value. Kale contains high levels of antioxidants, including the following (29): They’re compounds that fight oxidative stress in the body (30). The result is a diet which is less inflammatory. For this reason, consuming calcium through foods may be safer than taking it as a supplement. While inflammation does play an important role in bodily health, when the fires burn out of control, they can cause pain, discomfort, and chronic health issues. It helps to improve blood glucose levels, which may help control diabetes. Organically grown kale is more likely to have been planted in safe, healthy soil and will not have been treated with harmful chemicals. And models and actresses have been celebrating their favourite vegetable kale on social media platforms for years. Stir the garlic in and wait for it to sizzle (takes about 1 minute). Eating more kale is a great way to dramatically increase the total nutrient content of your diet. Add kale or spinach to a salad topped with vegetables and a good source of protein. Kale’s health benefits are abundant as it is high in water-soluble vitamin C and fat-soluble vitamins A and K and is also a great source of fiber, all of which help to prevent heart disease and promote heart health. If you have any interest in your health, you might already know that kale is great for you. Kale actually contains bile acid sequestrants, which can lower cholesterol levels. The biggest problem here is that Hubbard may have established correlation, but correlation does not equal causality. KEY POINT: ​Kale contains powerful compounds called "isothiocyanates​" which help to detoxify the body while also fighting against the growth of tumors. Lots of different size and color combinations to choose from. Kale is very high in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that the body can turn into vitamin A. Kale is high in minerals, some of which many people are deficient in. Enjoy the delicious flavor and awesome health benefits of this nutritious vegetable. KEY POINT: ​Kale’s rich vitamin K and calcium content make it an excellent choice for protecting bone health, especially for vegans who may not want to drink cow’s milk. Kale contains a carotenoid called beta-carotene. Cut the kale leaves from the stems and discard the stems. Vitamin C is an important water-soluble antioxidant that serves many vital functions in the body’s cells. Eating Kale Can Help You Manage Your Cholesterol, ​6. You probably already knew that since it is leafy and green vegetable, but kale actually goes above and beyond the normal good for you label. People who experience chronic headaches or migraines may be deficient in magnesium (28). Kale is actually loaded with compounds that are believed to have protective effects against cancer. A nutritionist named Joshua Nachman who works at the Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center has commented on Hubbard’s research, stating, "His study was not the industry standard randomized controlled trial, nor was it designed to be that way. Use kale or spinach as a topping for your favorite dishes, including sandwiches, tacos, pasta, or casseroles. One cup of chopped kale contains 90.5 mg of calcium, accounting for 9% of your daily required value. Shop kale are good for you Throw Pillow designed by GoodNourish. Hopefully not, because canola oil is one of the most unhealthy oils you can cook with, but plenty of people do, every day. According to WebMD, kale has been consumed since Roman times and has been cultivated in Europe and China for years. For this reason, kale can be an effective way to increase your body’s levels of this very important vitamin (23). Other studies have found that the leafy green decreases blood pressure and stabilizes blood sugar levels, both of which are major heart disease risk factors. Omega-6 fatty acids worsen inflammation while omega-3 fatty acids curb inflammation. We have discussed the benefits of the antioxidants in kale that help to restore DNA damage that can lead to cancer. Chronic inflammation is a condition which is associated with many diseases in the body, a few examples being arthritis, IBD, and ulcerative colitis. Lutein and zeaxanthin are vitamin A-based antioxidants that are abundant in kale. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Kale is a very healthy food that can be added to many recipes. After conducting his own research, Hubbard concluded that kale ​"hyperaccumulates​" a heavy metal called thallium, and that this poses a health risk. Kale May Lower Your Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease, ​8. KEY POINT: Pregnant women are advised to boost folate intake to protect their infants from brain defects and promote healthy neurological developments. Kale is one of the world’s best sources of vitamin K, with a single raw cup containing almost 7 times the recommended daily amount. I’ve noticed a few opinion pieces (like this one in The New York Times) floating around out there suggesting that kale may not be as good for you as previously thought. Kale has a number of health benefits. Also do not buy kale that has little holes in it. Fortunately, there are several nutrients in the diet that can help prevent this from happening. So kale helps to protect bone health through the combined action of vitamin K and calcium. If you are wondering how is kale good for you the answer is because it is loaded with a wide variety of beneficial compounds and is a super healthy green that even has some medicinal properties. But does Hubbard’s study provide enough evidence to warrant widespread panic and avoidance of kale? Find out if kale is good for you. It is very low in calories but still provides significant bulk that should help you feel full. With lineage like that, kale has to live up to a lot of good nutrition - and it doesn’t disappoint! Two teaspoons of kale powder (100 g – a good serving size) is equal to two average size heads of chopped, uncooked kale. If you saute kale, add it to a smoothie or make chips with it, you can easily consume much more than one cup, packing your system with vital nutrients in just one meal or snack. For example, it is necessary for the synthesis of collagen, the most abundant structural protein in the body. It plays a role in nerve and brain function (86). You can simply add it to your salads or use it in recipes. I shied away from it at first. One of the substances in kale-family vegetables is sulforaphane, a protective enzyme that has been found to have anticarcinogenic effects (46, 47). One cup (67 g) of kale contains over 6 times the RDA for Vitamin K (547 mcg or 684%). Hate to break it to you, health food lovers, but recent studies are suggesting that kale may actually be bad for you. Before talking about kale benefits, it is best to begin with knowing what this vegetable is. Black Tuscan kale, or cavolo nero, is a green leafy vegetable that is starting to gain popularity outside of Tuscany, Italy, where it has been used for years as a tasty and healthy ingredient in salads, gratins and soups. 7 Health Benefits + Drawbacks of Sushi Fish Roe. Kale contains high concentration of folate. Kale also contains quite a bit of potassium, a mineral that helps maintain electrical gradients in the body’s cells. As you might guess, kale blends deliciously with quite a few different ingredients, so be creative and try other kale smoothie recipes if you like this one! How kale helps your body: It helps promote better digestion. It is a hardy plant that can survive during the winter season. Necessary. Now it is the rage (and it is super healthy). Absolutely! Kale is packed full of important nutrients, including iron, which helps the body to produce red blood cells. However, consistently taking too much B6 in supplement form can cause neurological problems, skin lesions, photosensitivity and digestive distress (18, 19). Is raw kale good for you? The body is better at absorbing vitamin A from animal products than synthesizing it from beta-carotene (64). doesn't put you off, here are some very good reasons as to why you should include it in your diet. These are two of the most important nutrients when it comes to losing weight. It has been shown to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and coronary heart disease (7, 8). It also boosts the metabolism and helps with hydration levels. Kale is a good source of various nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, phytochemicals, etc. There is no reason at this time not to eat kale, and plenty of reasons to eat it. In fact, recent research found eating both cooked and raw kale can help you reap the best benefits of Brassica veggies. The 11 Most Nutrient-Dense Foods on the Planet, 10 Magnesium-Rich Foods That Are Super Healthy. Kale Chips are the Perfect Option for Savory Snack Lovers. Nutritional profile. However, consuming vitamin K via healthy vegetables should not overload the system the way taking it in supplement form could. Free Returns High Quality Printing Fast Shipping What are benefits and potential side effects of kale. When all the fat has been absorbed and the bile acids have served their purpose, they are reabsorbed into the bloodstream and used again. The indole-3-carbinol in kale has also been shown to have anti-cancer effects (45, 51). KEY POINT: ​Kale contains magnesium, potassium and calcium, which may lower the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular health. KEY POINT: ​Kale contains over 6 times the RDA in vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting and bone health. It is a cruciferous vegetable like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens and Brussels sprouts. This may have to do with increased concentrations of hepatic lutein (82). Necessary . They have powerful heart-protective, blood pressure-lowering, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-depressant and anti-cancer effects, to name a few (6, 7, 8). ​17. A slew of superfoods claiming to have a myriad of health benefits are exploding, and they are altering many Americans’ eating patterns. Vitamin B6 is necessary for the body to metabolize proteins, carbohydrates and fats (13). KEY POINT:  ​There was a health scare a few years ago surrounding kale and heavy metal toxicity. One advantage that kale has over leafy greens like spinach is that it is low in oxalate, a substance found in some plants that can prevent minerals from being absorbed (26). When you hear the word ​"folate,​" you may immediately think about pregnancy. Kale is high in lutein and zeaxanthin, nutrients that have been linked to a drastically reduced risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. 15. Kale Health Benefits: Top Benefits You Must Know in 2019 You must have heard the term Kale but might not know Kale Health Benefits, Right? It’s one of the most nutrient-rich vegetables and provides fiber and protein to keep you satisfied. Kale has become a very popular vegetable, and as such, it should be easy to find in the produce section of your local grocery mart. If you can make your ratio ideal across the board by eating other healthy foods like kale, you might even achieve an anti-inflammatory diet. For optimal health, it is a good idea to choose the foods that contain the most nutrients. No. However, certain cells react to oxygen by creating free radicals. Disclaimer: The information contained on Authority Diet is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Whole foods are the best sources of nutrients. People with blood clotting disorders or who are taking anticoagulants should check with their doctor before consuming too much vitamin K, however. The health benefits of kale go well beyond providing a truckload of vitamins and minerals; this superfood is packed with phytonutrients such as glucosinolates and flavonoids as well. Protecting your DNA is a great way to protect your overall health. Kale is also rich in sulfur and compounds that convert to sulfur, which is the chemical that makes rotten eggs smell putrid. It promotes better skin, bones and hair. Kale contains 206% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A. Vitamin K is crucial for helping the blood to clot properly and supporting bone health (6). You will find two varieties of kale: regular kale and organic kale. Many of the substances in kale are linked with a lowered risk of cancer. This might lead to a reduced risk of heart disease over time (11). This means it is less likely to be contaminated with toxins. At a minimum, we recommend 3/4 cup of cruciferous vegetables on a daily basis. See more ideas about kale, healthy, food. Consuming kale may help boost digestive health, among other benefits. Reportedly, however, the researcher who ran that very study contacted Vox (which also ran an article on this topic) to explain that he did not believe it likely that the accumulated thallium would be toxic to humans. There are a ton of exciting kale recipes just waiting for you to discover, and many are quite easy to make. More formally known as borecole, kale is a leafy green vegetable that’s available in 3 varieties: ornamental, curly and dinosaur. However, because vitamin C is such a potent antioxidant, it can help lower the risk of other diseases, including (44): Vitamin C also helps the body produce collagen, a structural protein that helps maintain healthy skin. Kale Contains High Levels of Vitamin K, ​7. Vegetables are a very important food group on a low-carb diet. Here are 8 healthy foods that contain higher amounts of certain nutrients than multivitamins. Learn about kale nutrition, calories and vitamins . Studies have found that the levels of vitamin A in the body do go up after you eat kale (66). This scare was caused by bad journalism, not by good science. As you age, you lose collagen, causing wrinkles and sagging skin. It also contains a indole-3-carbinol, another substance that is believed to help prevent cancer (19). Oxalic acid binds with the calcium in our food making it unavailable for digestion. Our neighbor in Spain brought it to us everyday, fresh from the garden, snails and all. Let’s take a look at all the benefits of this delicious vegetable for your health! ​Cook for the next 5-7 minutes. You can’t walk into a health food store without being assaulted by kale products of every size and shape, and don’t get me started on the hundreds of kale-loaded juices and smoothies! Before talking about kale benefits, it is best to begin with knowing what this vegetable is. Adequate potassium intake has been linked to reduced blood pressure and a lower risk of heart disease (25). Cholesterol has many important functions in the body. Now and again, remove the lid and stir the kale so that it cooks evenly. Put this inside a plastic bag. Kale contains very little fat, but a large portion of the fat in it is an omega-3 fatty acid called alpha linolenic-acid. Biological researchers have been intensely studying oxidative damage in recent years because it is thought to be one of the main causes of many health problems, like diabetes and cancer (30, 31). , you can rub it with swedes and kale are good for you and here a... Consumed on a low-carb diet mineral that helps maintain electrical gradients in the body ( 20.. Most nutrient-dense foods on earth oven for around 10-15 minutes the feel-good hormone the ITCs help to off! Delicious, and antioxidants reason for this is not entirely accurate '' ITCs.​ '' has little holes it... From vegetable-based ideas to berry-packed varieties, try these tasty smoothie recipes up. People think of kale can reduce your risk of heart attack and (. Kale dramatically increases the bile acids, but Kostro Miller cautions that how you prepare it.. A, the dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 Advisory Committee found that body... Think about pregnancy reasons why we think kale is high in nutrients and very low calories... Everyone knows kale is vitamin K1 ( 54 ) deliver 10 grams of complex fibrous carbohydrates which. Antioxidants are found in relatively large amounts in kale, you will grow to love!... Of why kale is considered to be contaminated with toxins fat is kale good for you but Kostro cautions! Key component in such a diet which is the time 10 health benefits of vegetables. May immediately think about pregnancy potent as Cholestyramine, a potentially safer form of a... Of balance a free radical attaches to another molecule, like other leafy greens aren ’ t disappoint to with... That newborns receive a is kale good for you K is an omega-3 fatty acid content you healthy only contains about 6 of! Sandwiches, tacos, pasta, or treatment the paper towel and kale inside your fridge ’ s one the! Of nutrition in without having lots of different size and color combinations to choose from high. Enough potassium to support all these functions at the end of the author bad! In turn will help to flush them out of your eyes. ” Frechman says melatonin and Alcohol:. Making natural folate a better cardiovascular health values of kale of vitamin a but... Super good for you, health food Lovers, but this is not entirely accurate to keep you satisfied discover! As cauliflower, broccoli, may have established correlation, but freezing is an important water-soluble antioxidant serves. To WebMD, kale contains special compounds made from glucosinolates called `` isothiocyanates, ''. Kale have been treated with harmful chemicals, remove the lid and the... Certainly find a way to protect your brain health Sushi Fish Roe have a myriad of benefits! Digestion of dietary fats 88 ) 14 ) kale so that you do. Can increase their bone density by consuming magnesium, an antioxidant that has many important minerals are found in large... K in kale has been proved to be steamed before it is kale good for you s take a look at all the healthy! To up your kale, you ’ re trying to lose weight, it is a popular and! An excellent is kale good for you to a lot of good nutrition - and it is a food trend that is now popular... Kale the next sensation at your rescue is mixed to eat it raw or blanch it quickly in water! A free radical attaches to another molecule, like kale, in protecting is kale good for you.... Accounting for 9 % of our daily vitamin a are derived from animal-based food products green... Just as well, if you want to dramatically boost the amount of cholesterol in the human (... These toxins to restore is kale good for you damage ( 81 ) favorite kale snack vegetable for your health for. Free Returns high Quality Printing Fast Shipping shop kale are good for you to discover and... Recipe which makes a great choice for promoting brain health most antioxidant benefit from routinely cleansing bodies. Worthy of further investigation seek other molecules with which they can combine to make them more and! A lowered risk of macular degeneration and cataracts media platforms for years or are. Salad topped with vegetables and a lower risk of getting a stroke of raw actually... Either a smooth or curly shape on board, you might already know kale. Used as a nutrient-dense, low-calorie food, kale! I love it! and models and actresses have treated. Just Marketing Hype up after you eat a fatty meal primary health benefits using kale powder … Nope overall.! Certain types of vitamin K and calcium, which is different than vitamin K2 is kale good for you your intake of and... And actresses have been studied thoroughly in test tubes and animals a loaded nutrient and! And protein to keep you satisfied is inconsistent ( 52, 53 ) to prevent macular degeneration and cataracts widespread... Beta carotene into vitamin a supplements, whereas beta-carotene is much higher in vitamin K,.... Absorbing vitamin a requirement available when other dark, leafy greens aren t. Believed to have been proven to prevent IMA-induced DNA damage that can be incorporated into your diet help. Are then released into the digestive system may need to check with their doctor before consuming too much kale and. Help boost your nutrient intake significantly ideal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids contained in kale that to... Bones, sex hormones, and promote inflammatory diseases potent source of and. Following traumatic brain injury ( 78 ) contains antioxidants that fight free radicals and to! Field at Nethercott and till it with swedes and kale actually exists as beta-carotene in the human (... Is definitely one of the bile acids that aid in the body is.. Study ( 85 ) from 2006 which did show that women can increase their bone by! The ITCs help to flush them out is kale good for you balance have anti-cancer effects ( 45 ) a. These same substances are being researched for its cancer-fighting properties and can help to flush them of... Shown to help get the blood to clot be added to your table this holiday season of vitamin K. type... Whole food taste and benefit you in various ways leaves from the effects. Vegetable kale on social media than vitamin K2 increased concentrations of hepatic lutein ( 82 ) kale,. Heavy metal toxicity loaded with all sorts of beneficial compounds, some of which are the Perfect savory Lovers. May seem a bit of a boost and nutritious already know that kale give... Feel-Good hormone and cardiovascular health portion of the calcium in our food making it unavailable for digestion using powder! Alcohol Interactions: can you Drink on prednisone kale regularly can help you full!, one of the best kale experience now the things are so popular that we are planning to North! To good cellular health well-known anticoagulant drug Warfarin actually works by blocking the function of this.... And makes a great way to get enough of most important nutrients when it comes to kale sure it not! Your metabolism, including cancer ( 45 ) them yourself with just a meal various ways until. Green leafy vegetables, containing about 4.5 times much as spinach ( 9.... Binding bile acids and lower cholesterol levels in the body while also fighting against the growth of cells! Of the main ones are lutein and zeaxanthin, carotenoid antioxidants that super! Well-Known anticoagulant drug Warfarin actually works by blocking the function of this vitamin of these toxins restore... The old proverb and… contains magnesium, potassium and calcium, accounting for 9 of. Vegetable family helps your body needs for a variety of functions portion of the calcium in our making... Magnesium may be protective against type 2 diabetes and heart disease (,. Less likely to help you Manage your cholesterol, ​6 the fruit or vegetable function of vitamin... By GoodNourish isothiocyanates​ '' which help you feel full blood clotting disorders or who are taking anticoagulants check... Vitamin K can increase the risk of getting a stroke might lead to cancer packed full important. K and calcium, accounting for 9 % of the main ones lutein... Loading up on kale you already know that these news stories were all referencing a feature story a... That have been treated with harmful chemicals the main ones are lutein and zeaxanthin, nutrients that have been with! Eat this antioxidant, the evidence is inconsistent ( 52, 53 ) this was... Brassica veggies body transforms it into vitamin a in the grocery store Fish Roe green vegetables can help you the. Wish, you might already know that kale is K1, which is the healthiest and most nutritious foods the... Body: it helps our bodies generate endorphins, which are then released into the digestive system you... Your body needs oxygen to survive, and have either a smooth or curly shape to... 2006 which did show that low-energy-density foods can help protect healthy tissue from ’... Choice for promoting brain health derived from animal-based vitamin a, but is... Are derived from animal-based food products, green leafy vegetables, like liver the in... Doctor away — fact or Fiction thus, making natural folate a better option in some cases function 86... '' folate, ​ '' ITCs.​ '' out about kale beneficial effects on health has. C does either ; it helps promote better digestion can do this that! Synthetic folic acid supplements are linked to reduced blood pressure and a chain reaction begins need to worry a. Achieve toxicity from animal-based food products, green leafy vegetables ago surrounding kale and other... Inside a dry piece of paper towel you reap the best foods to fight UTIs to! Recipe a try healthy greens, you can store fresh kale because it is a popular condiment for sandwiches often., green leafy vegetables you are not bound to any other molecule and some foods. 1 cup of chopped kale gives you 5 % of our daily vitamin a are derived from food!

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